Resume Tips: How to Format Your Resume

The typical HR manager will only give your Resume a couple of minutes of attention before moving on to the next. So it’s important to keep the document as readable and user friendly as possible with these easy formatting tips:

  • No funny font sizes or typefaces - In most cases, there’s no reason to go outside of the 10-12 point font size rule for the body of your Resume – no bigger or smaller. When choosing a typeface, stick with common ones like Times New Roman or Ariel, the more creative you get, the harder it will be for the HR manager to read it (and some computers won’t show the obscure typefaces).
  • 2 pages max – Your resumes should not be longer than 2 pages and only 1 page if you have less than 5 years experience.
  • Bite the Bullet – List your experience as bullets, not paragraphs. Choose short summaries packed with keywords over long-winded sentences.
  • Most recent experience goes first then work backwards. - Always include the month & year you started and finished a position.
  • Pack your most recent job experience with the most bullets – Two pages goes pretty quickly (and one page goes even faster!). One trick to making the most out of your Resume real estate is to reduce the experience listed in your oldest job experience and keep your most recent job packed with plenty of experience and keywords.

Bolding, underlining and italics are all useful tools when highlighting aspects of your Resume, but be consistent and judicious. Limit yourself to just one of these methods and use it sparingly!

If you’ve only seen your Resume on the computer screen, then it’s a must to print it out for a final proofread. Oftentimes you’ll spot readability problems right away when you see it in print.

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