Statistically, 50-70% of applications get themselves automatically rejected by falling into the very first trap

Learn how to stand out from the crowd, get 3x more interviews, and guarantee to yourself that you're putting your best foot forward - without any gimmicks, being inauthentic, or magic tricks

Resumes, LinkedIn, and everything else you'll need...
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The Guide to Mastering The Modern Interview

Never leave an interview wondering how you did, again.


1. Framework to modern interview and how to prepare yourself
2. Feedback on interview questions
3. How to come up with memorable answers (no matter what your story is)
5. How to use every question to your advantage
6. How to research a company
7. The 4 questions you should never leave an interview without asking
8. Templates (resume, cover letter, thank you, follow up, etc)
9. Practice behavioral questions


The FULL Guide to conquering the Application Obstacle Course

Bonus Material:

1. Resume Templates
2. Cover Letter Templates
3. ATS-Engineered Resume (done for you!)
4. (5) ATS-Engineered Resumes tailored towards jobs of your choice
5. ATS 401: (how to tell which ATS the company you're applying into is using so you can better optimize your resume

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