What is a Resume?

A Resume is a one to two page summary of your past experience, skills and accomplishments in the field you are entering. A Resume alone will not get you a job offer, but a successful Resume will get you an interview. When writing a Resume, keep these easy Resume formatting tips in mind:

  • A Resume should be an outline of your experience, not an essay. No biographies or explanations – save that for your cover letter!
  • No more than two pages! If you’ve got less than 5 years experience, then keep it to 1 page.
  • A short paragraph about your experience is ok, but bullets are better! (This list is in bullet format and isn’t it easy to read?)
  • No 7 point font! No 24 point font! Keep the text readable at 10-12 point font.
  • A Resume can include unpaid work experience or volunteer experience, as long as you keep the experience you list relevant to the job you are applying to.

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